We work with women just like you every day.

We know you are strong, determined, and intelligent and you care what other people think of you. You’re the kind of woman who always puts her best foot forward. So, putting the English-speaking version of yourself ‘out there’ can be scary.

The Ladies’ Project is a network of incredible women from all over the world – connected through English. But did you know what we are moving? We are no longer taking enrolments for The Ladies’ Project as we will be transitioning to our new platform Hey Lady! in August.

You can explore our new platform here: www.heylady.io

We’d love to invite you to join Hey Lady! Make sure you are on our mailing list so you can join us in August! 

In this community you’ll meet like-minded friends that share your English-speaking goals. Women who you can have interesting English conversations with and feel more confident, motivated, and inspired.

Through our structured weekly lessons, you’ll have meaningful conversations, expand your vocabulary and feel in control of your journey towards English fluency. And have a fabulous time doing it!

Member Videos

“I feel so energetic and motivated right after a conversation!”

Once an introvert, now one of the most engaging and talkative members of our community, Pinar is a wonderful success story from Turkey! In this video, we see how her love of languages offers us insights into why the TLP way of learning is so effective.

“In The Ladies’ Project I discovered something so amazing!”

A brilliant story-teller, Irene is Vietnamese and has spent four years living, studying and working in Australia. In this video we discover the highs and lows of living in an English speaking country what it’s like to be in a community that’s got your back!

“I feel more confident expressing myself in English at work”

A kind-hearted chemist from Mexico, Vero joined TLP because she was frustrated with her English speaking skills. In this video we learn about how TLP is helping her professional life and future goals to complete a PhD and become a researcher!

About our Founder

Emma - Founder of The Ladies' ProjectHello! I’m Emma.

I’m the founder of The Ladies’ Project and now Hey Lady! We are a powerful group of intelligent, determined, strong, inspiring women who are learning English as a second (or third, fourth, fifth) language.

Women thrive when they support each other. That’s what happens here. This community helps the individuals in it to achieve the dreams we thought were impossible.

Being a part of it makes me believe in myself, feel inspired to take on new challenges, overcome fears and become a better, more confident version of me.

The Ladies’ Project will become Hey Lady! In August 2021. Click here to find out more about our growth and transformation.

Charities we Support

The Ladies’ Project supports the various charity initiatives of Women for Women International to help other women in need to gain access to education, medical assistance and a safe place to live. 

Women For Women

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