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Level Up!

A personalised group-coaching program that will boost your fluency, confidence and pronunciation in just 6 weeks!

The September program is now full.
Next program begins November 29, 2020.

The September program is now full.
Next program begins November 29, 2020.

You’ve spent hours, weeks, years developing your English skills but speaking is still a challenge.

Perhaps you still feel shy when you speak in front of a stranger or you find it impossible to actually start a conversation?  You might wish you would stop freezing when you forget your words or stop worrying if they can understand you because of your accent.

Whatever your frustration, fear or challenge, there is a growing feeling that the longer you let it go, the harder it will be to overcome and the further you will be from the future you’ve planned.

So you’ve decided 2020 is the year you’re going to take a big step forward in your English journey

..but you need to do it in a way that suits your busy lifestyle. 

Speaking English confidently is important to you

The problem is, you really haven’t got a lot of time.. and you certainly don’t want to waste the time you’ve got!

Between work, family and all your other commitments, you’re not left with much time to devote to continual improvement of your English. 

So if you’re going invest time and money in another course, class or program you want to be certain you’re:

Being effective with your time.

Practising in the right way.

Focusing on the right things.

Getting feedback and coaching from someone experienced.

On top of that, you want flexibility.

It’s OK to commit to a few hours from a schedule, but outside of that you want to be able to practise and polish your skills in your own time.

Nobody likes feeling ‘boxed in’ right?

So here’s what we’ve done..

We’ve developed a program to help you get actual results and actually feel a change in yourself in a comfortably manageable 6 weeks.

Don’t worry! It’s not full-time (or “full on!”).

But it will require your conscious effort for around 4-5 hours each week – not too much, right?

You may need to find /make /borrow /buy time to make it happen.. but after 6 weeks it will be totally worth it!

Are you ready to Level Up?

In this 6-week program, you’ll commit to specific goals that address your specific problems.

No matter if you’re a shy, nervous, intermediate or advanced speaker, you’re guaranteed to level up by the end. 

Here’s how it works:

First, we’ll meet with you personally to assess your skills, understand your frustrations and reveal “Where you are now” in your English speaking journey.

Then, we’ll set some exciting goals and make a plan to move forward with. You’ll know what you need to focus on and exactly what you need to do to improve (even on those days when you don’t have much time!).

Each week you will have both scheduled and flexible opportunities to practise in small group classes and get personal feedback and guidance from our teachers to help you stay on track.

Plus, we’ll provide you with extra training to shift your mindset, push through panic and avoid that humiliating experience of feeling ‘stuck’ mid-conversation. 

By the end of the program: 

You’ll feel more confident joining conversations, feel more fluent, and be more expressive, interesting and engaging to talk to. 

You’ll take your speaking skills to the next level!

And of course, you’ll get to know our lovely teachers and other members within our community on a much more personal level as you go through the program together!

Will this program really work for me?

You’re right to be cautious about trying new things, especially if all the things you’ve tried so far haven’t worked for you.

Like every woman who joins our community, there’s something that’s frustrating you about your current speaking abilities. 

Here are some of the things our members used to say..

All of these ladies have since developed the skills to converse fluently and confidently with the support of our amazing teachers and small group guided conversations.

You can watch videos of their personal stories on our Member Stories page
(Click here to see videos)

Your frustrations are unique to you, and we understand that.

The Level Up program works because it’s personalised. 

It’s not a course, it’s about you.

We begin and end with an evaluation of where you are in your journey. You’ll establish a path to keep moving forward from wherever you are right now, to advanced, confident English speaker.

You’ll have direct contact with our teachers to ask questions and receive their professional guidance as you go.

It works because we’re careful not to overwhelm you. 

There’s no point in overloading you with time-intensive tasks and unrealistic goals that you don’t actually have time to achieve. Rather, we offer you a balanced combination of practise and support and encourage you to focus on just 3-4 skills, fears or frustrations so you can be effective with the time you have.

It works because you’ll have the support of those around you. 

Confidence is the fruit of self-belief.

Self-belief grows from the support and encouragement of people around you, pushing you to try new things and catching you when you fall. So, your support crew (your teachers and the other ladies in the program) are going to help you work on and reach those goals!

How much time will I need?

You will need to make sure you have around 4-5 hours minimum each week to level up your skills. 

Two (2) of those hours are scheduled times, which means you will need to be available at those specific times because your teachers will be LIVE to give you personal feedback. We have sessions available in different days and timezones to choose from.

The remaining 2-3 hours are flexible. This is the time we suggest you devote to watching, reviewing and putting your lessons and guidance into practice. You can do this all at once, or break it down to fit with your schedule.

So how much is it and what do I get?

The cost of programs and workshops inside The Ladies’ Project are shared by participating members to ensure excellent value for money!

You should also know that spaces are strictly limited so we can ensure a small group experience. The program runs six times per year so if you miss this one, you can join the wait list for the next one.

Below are the details of everything that’s included in this program.

One-to-One Assessment + Game Plan

It all starts with an initial, personal assessment of where you’re at right now. You’ll meet with a qualified, native English teacher to discuss your current speaking and pronunciation challenges, fears and frustrations and together identify your goals for the program.

Self Assessment Form

Value: $75 included in the program

Private Group Access

The Level Up program happens in a private area of our platform that is not visible to the rest of the community.

Inside the Level Up program we will explore the same topics as the rest of the community but you’ll have the support of teachers inside the program while still being able to participate in Member Chats and other events happening outside in the community. 

People will be wondering how you got so good, so fast!

Interactive Pronunciation Lessons

During the first week of each topic, you’ll be invited to attend a live lesson where you’ll learn natural pronunciation of some of the key sounds and phrases related to that topic.

You’ll be able to practise with your teacher and get personal feedback on your pronunciation!

3 x 1 hour sessions

Value: $150 included in the program

Teacher Office Hours

During the first week of each topic,  a teacher will be available during “Office Hours” for you to get extra practice and ask questions about our lessons, vocabulary or expressions if you need to.

3 x 1 hour sessions

Value: $150 included in the program

Small-Group Guided Conversations

During the second week of each topic, we will schedule and invite you to join private group conversations. Together with the support of your teacher and the other ladies, this is where you’ll do the work to achieve the goals you set during your initial assessment.

This is where the *magic* happens! ✨

 6  x 1 hour sessions

Value: $300 included in the program

Additional Training

In addition to the regular lesson content available through your Community Membership, you will also get access to complementary video training that focuses on fear, mindset, advanced conversation skills and functional language.

Value: $195 included in the program

Final Assessment

At the conclusion of the program, you can be sure to feel bolder, more motivated and well.. happier about your English journey!

Your teachers will share feedback with you, using your initial assessment as a reference to describe the progress they observed in you and suggest ways to keep improving…

Until you’re ready to Level Up again!

Teacher assessment and + Student Report

Value: $100 included in the program

Total investment = $970 Member Price $299!

Not a member? See our special offer below for NEW members only.

How to Level Up!

The Level Up! program is only available to TLP Community Members.

If you are not yet a member, enrolments are re-opening on November 8th, 2020.

The Level Up! program will begin on November 29th, with personal assessments happening during the week before.  

We have a special offer for new members only, where you can get the program plus a year of TLP Community Membership for a discounted price. 

To register your interest and get on the waiting list, complete the form below.

Join the waiting list so you don’t miss out..

New Member Offer

Finally become the confident speaker you dream of!
Our special bundle includes:

Level Up! Program (6 weeks)
Annual Community Membership! (12 mths)
Total value $970 + $299 = $1269

only $399!

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure a small personalised small group experience, spaces are limited and do fill up quickly. Our last program sold out in just one week! 

How to Level Up!

The next program will begin on Sunday 22nd March and ends Saturday 2nd May, 2020.

The Level Up! Program is only available to TLP Community Members.

To ensure a personalised small group experience, spaces are strictly limited and we do have a waiting list. Places are offered in order of the date of joining the list.

Once enrolments open, you can join our community and register your name on the list to join the next program.

Not a member?
We have two Community Membership Plans available:

  • Annual Plan – $299.99/year (Best value! Get 3 months free!)
  • Monthly Plan – $29.99/mth (after 12 months you’ll pay $359.88)


6 week program

+12 mth Membership


Important dates:

  • Community Enrolments open 8th November 2020.
  • Enrol by 14th November, 2020.
  • Assessments and Orientation Thursday 19th November – Saturday 28th November, 2020.
  • Program begins on Sunday 29th November, 2020.
  • Program ends on Saturday 16th January, 2020

24th December 2020 – 3rd January 2021: No Level Up classes!

Current Community Pricing

  • Annual Plan – $24.99/mth (total $299, paid yearly)
  • Monthly Plan – $29.99/mth (total $359.88 after one year)
  • Level Up! program – $299 standard member price.

Answers to Common Questions

Q: When are the classes? ❤️💚💙💜💗
Each week, you’ll have two scheduled classes for 60 minutes. These are offered to cover the most popular member availability across timezones.

In TLP we have our own system for discussing time & availability, simply called “Zones” (something you will learn about soon after joining 😊).

Have a look at the tables below and see which zone is possible for you. The times are given in UTC
(Tip: Use this site if you need help to check your timezone against UTC)

If you need help all you need to do is ask! 😊 Use the contact form below or email us at We answer every enquiry within a day!

Classes follow an alternating cycle: Week A, Week B, Week A, Week B and so on.

**NO CLASSES will be held from 24th December 2020 – 3rd January 2021**

Q: Can I still do this program if I sign up for the Monthly Plan?
Yes! You can pay $29.99/mth to become a member first and then enrol in the program later at the regular member price of $299.

However, our new member offer of $399.99 gets you the program PLUS a whole year of membership! This offer is only available to ladies who are not yet members of our community.

Q: If I miss this program, will there be another one?
Yes!  If you miss the November program, the next “Level Up!” program will start in January 2021, however this special offer is only available until November 14th and we cannot guarantee the price will be the same at that time.

Q: What’s a Guided Conversation?
A Guided Conversation is a small group conversation guided by a TLP teacher! 

The teacher will know the areas you want to improve and help to practise, participate and build your confidence in those areas. If you are feeling nervous or shy, they will help you to take the first steps towards speaking. If you are advanced and ready to express yourself, they will challenge you with questions and offer you advanced tips and advice!

Our members always say that the Guided Conversations are the BEST part of their experience!

Q: You mention having direct access to teachers, isn’t that included in a Community Membership?
A: A TLP Community Membership gives you access to recorded lessons and our online platform which connects you to other members and enables you to organise and attend member events together.

This is how we keep your monthly Community Membership Fee as low as possible. 

Any events and workshops in TLP that involve professional teachers are optional and organised separately, only for those who want to attend. The cost of having teachers, extra training and workbooks is split between participants, so everyon can get excellent value for money compared with organizing that experience alone.

Teaching and giving personal feedback to every member within the price of a Community Membership ($29.99/month) is simply not possible. 

Q: How do I pay for it?
We accept payment via a valid credit card using our secure payment system. 

Q: What if I can’t attend for a week, can I get a partial refund?
We want you to commit to the full program, and our teachers will be available throughout to get you the best results! So unfortunately, we do not offer partial refunds.

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