If life were only like as it appears on social media living overseas would be exactly like a paradise. On my Instagram, or maybe on everyone Instagram, it seems I am someone who just goes travelling all the time and don’t have any problem. Ironically, when I decided to step out of my comfort zone by choosing to call “home” a piece of land where I didn’t know anyone or even worse I was not capable to know how to speak a single sentence in English I finally felt what is the meaning of the word stress. 

After a couple of months living in Australia, I spent days waking up feeling under the weather. I mean, I was not sick but my body was sore, my neck was heavy in a way which I have never felt before, and my mood was not like used to be. Sometimes it’s hard to admit to yourself when you are under stress. It’s not unusual to first think that our neck or back are sore because we had a bad night of sleep, or maybe I am not in a good mood because, of course, I had a poor sleep so that’s normal. But the days start to pass on and you still feel exhausted for nothing. Your attention is not the same. You try to keep a focus on something that before you used to knew how to do it like the back of your hand, but now it seems to be tougher to manage your time and even yourself to do these things.

 So, it was only after having taken the decision to live overseas to go after a goal (learning English), just after having started to “live a dream” that I felt what stress means. However, luckily due to the economic crisis in Brazil, it was common for my mother to tell me she could not buy any dessert for my brother and me at the supermarket. But, to make this situation less difficult my mum started to bake some homemade cakes which were delicious. While she was cooking she used to tell me “the focus is always on the solution, not on the problem”. Thinking in my mom words I started to spend my days reflecting on how I could sort out my problem. 

I end up starting some yoga/meditation classes. As it is a little bit pricey I began to google some free events around the city and use an app called Headspace (which is in English too so I end up having both of the best worlds with me). I am still a beginner in meditation but I already can tell you that when I have time to meditate I feel 10 kg lighter and it seems my day runs smoother. 

So my lesson after all of it is: It does not matter how fit you are neither how many goals/dream you already have achieved if your mind is not on the same page as you are all these achievements won’t make sense. 

I still struggle with my English. I still miss my family a lot. But, nowadays even being hard I know what to do (most of the time, not every time) when I feel overwhelmed with so many things going on around me. 

I hope it can help you ladies!