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Meet our members!

Watch videos of the wonderful women in our vibrant community! 

A Pakistani who moved to Saudi Arabia, this caring mother’s motivation to learn English is so she can provide for her children. In this video, she talks about her initial struggles in moving to a new country, how learning English helps her family and how she is now not afraid to make mistakes speaking it!

Archana is an enthusiastic software engineer from India and joined The Ladies’ Project to boost her confidence in speaking English at work. In this video, learn how being a member has not only helped her achieve this but also how TLP is not just about learning English!

A sweet and kind Peruvian, Malena moved to Toronto in 2016 and found the transition challenging because of her insufficient English skills. In this video, learn about her previous experiences with other English courses and how TLP has helped improve her speaking and listening skills significantly!

Amy is one of our cheerful members from Malaysia. Working with her husband on their advertising agency, she uses English extensively to communicate with clients. In this video, learn about the progress she’s made from being inside TLP and what she loves about our community!

A pharmacist currently finishing her PhD, Veronika was born and raised in Czech Republic. Now that she is living in Canada, she knew that she needed to improve her English to effectively communicate in everyday life. In this video, learn how TLP has helped her and how it now forms part of her social life!

Harika is a diligent lawyer from Turkey specialising in criminal and family law. In this video learn about the the different things she’s tried to improve her English (and what didn’t work!) and how she uses English in both her career and volunteering to make a positive change in the world!

A civil servant from Russia, Natalia initially learnt English to enhance her travels. However, after returning from her trips, she quickly gave up. In this video, discover how TLP helps her stay motivated to practise English, despite living in a country where no English is spoken!

A sweet caregiver from Ethiopia, Mekdi has been working in Lebanon for 8 years now. In this video, we learn about her previous experiences with other English-learning communities, why they didn’t work for her and what she likes the most about being part of The Ladies’ Project!

Henny is a lively Venezuelan who moved with her family to Ireland in 2017. This new stage of her life meant she needed English to properly intergrate into society. In this video, find out how being with The Ladies’ Project has helped her confidently use English in everyday situations – including under pressure!

A human resource manager and business coach, Andreja was born and is currently based in Slovenia. Before joining The Ladies’ Project, she tried many ways to study English that just didn’t work for her. In this video, learn how TLP helps her learn English in a relaxed and engaging manner!

An endearing English teacher, Yoshie is Japanese who started learning English from high school but had no opportunity to practice. In this video she shares how TLP and the Level Up! program have helped her feel more comfortable speaking English – she can even host her own events now!

Previously working in the marketing department and now a full-time mum on maternity leave, Iwona is an avid English learner from Poland. In this video we learn about her English journey so far, including challenges and goals, and the influence that the language has had on her career choice.

Denisse is a sweet, hard-working Mozambican who has been working in IT for almost two years. We learn how she struggled to use English at work when speaking to foreigners and how TLP (plus the Level Up! Program) have helped her speak with coherence and confidence.

Claudia is one of our beautiful members from Chile, a gynaecologist who joined TLP because she simply loves English! In this video she talks about how TLP has not only helped her with her speaking and writing skills, but also her ability to connect with her patients on a deeper level.

A kind-hearted chemist from Toluca, Mexico, Vero joined The Ladies’ Project because she was frustrated with her English speaking skills. In this video we learn about how TLP is helping her professional life and future goals to complete a PhD and become a researcher!

Sweet and generous, Diana is a Colombian living in Perth, Australia. After realizing our community is full of other wonderful women just like her, wanting the chance to practise English regularly, she decided that The Ladies’ Project is the place to be!

A passionate English learner who brings a wonderful spirit to our community, Rebecca is French and lives in Paris. In this video we learn about the many situations where being able to speak English confidently has helped her in her life and career.

A brilliant story-teller, Irene is Vietnamese and has spent four years living, studying and working in Australia. In this video we discover the highs and lows of living in an English speaking country what it’s like to be in a community that’s got your back!

Claudia is one of our lovely members from Italy, a physician who joined our community to gain confidence and fluency in English for her career. In this video we learn how Claudia has achieved her career goals but so much more as well.  

Professional and career-focused, Ginette joined TLP to help with her fluency, so she could stop thinking in French before speaking in English. We learn how Ginette has been able to use TLP as a vehicle to take her to greater success in her professional life.

Courageous Katherine is from the Philippines and now lives and works in Singapore. We learn how important English was for her to find work and why she believes TLP will help her to fulfil her dream of returning home to teach English children.

Lovely and outgoing, our once shy and unconfident Sara is Italian and bilingual. Sara shares the difficulties she’s faced in speaking English that traditional language courses were not able to solve and how she has improved since joining TLP.

Our kind and generous Francesca is Italian but lives in Brazil where she teaches Italian and English. In this video she shares how TLP offers her constant contact with English so she can maintain her speaking and conversation skills even though she lives in Brazil.

Once an introvert, now one of the most engaging and talkative members of our community, Pinar joins TLP from Turkey. With a love of languages, Pinar offers us her insights into what it’s like being a member and why the TLP way of learning is so effective.

The ‘go-getter’ of our community Deb is a a budding Brazilian journalist and content marketer who loves to encourage others. In this video we learn of the challenges Deb has overcome in her life and the extraordinary effort she put into learning English. 

Michele is French but living in Chile. After years of doubting her capacity to speak and understand spoken English, Michele shares how TLP has helped her learn to communicate confidently in English, including with her daughter’s new family in the United States. 

Wise and kind-hearted Ranjana is always helping others to live their best life. In this video she talks about how TLP has given her the opportunity to become a different person and open doors to a new life, filled with cross cultural friendships and travel opportunities.

Anastasiya is a Russian biologist with a big heart who has brought much love and joy to our community. In this inspiring video Anastasiya shares how her experience of TLP has not only seen her English speaking confidence improve but how she has grown as a person as well.

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