As long as we were all born in different cultures, and societies. we were surrounded by people, some of them are so close, and we call them FAMILY, and others are big, and we call them COMMUNITY. We grow up under the influence of them.  Since we were born we started to live to our parents as our first MENTORS in life. Then our siblings, Especially our elder brother or sister, who always like a role model, we should follow in their steps to live up to our parents’ expectation and dreams. Yes, my elder brother wasn’t only my big brother but he was my friend.

To be honest with you, sometimes I feel pity about elder brothers/sisters because they are always on the spot of their parents to behave very well and set a good example for their younger siblings.

After we grew up a little bit we started to go outside our comfort zone for a short period in a day to learn new things and meet new people and of course to make new friends. This Place called THE SCHOOL and the new people were called TEACHERS and STUDENTS. It was hard for me at the beginning when the first time I went to school, and I remember I was crying and screaming to my parents Why did they want to leave me in this place? and who are those people? what’s this place? Why did they want to abandon me? Excuse me, ladies I was only 4 or 5 years old and I’m the youngest. 

 However I started to get used to my new place (THE SCHOOL), and year after I realized why I am here. As I can remember the education system was better than now, unfortunately. Maybe because of the population, Economy, human crises…I don’t know, The reason of saying that is how we look up to our teacher as MENTORS too. I remember they were perfect fans to me and started to emulate them when I went home. (Hehehe)

Again to be honest with you Despite all of the facts about the school, and teachers, I wished this period to be finished as soon as possible because I hated doing homework, tasks, exams, grades, getting up early, punishments,…..etc. I think most of you will agree with me. (ha).

Year after year this day finally came and it’s time to leave my family, my old friends, and my home town to travel to another country to enter the college. It was a hard year for me because my mom was really ill and entered the hospital and stayed 10 days in intensive care and that has a negative impact on my grades in the first year in college and my personality which becomes disillusioned about all the expectations and the dreams that I had dreamed before, nonetheless I have to stand up again and work hard in my studying and gratitude from college to begin a new life, new job, new people, and new career. I met both negative and positive people. at the beginning of a relationship, it was difficult for me to understand people very well, but life gives me more experience to recognize that.

Now it’s the time to be also a mentor, a mentor to my children, so I should take care of many things in my personality because they will emulate me in good in bad things, which is a big challenge for me, but I hope I can do my job great and see them better than I.


  1. Odette

    Dear Neven, I am certain that you have mentor qualities within you. I believe that your kids look up to you and one day they’ll be so thankful for having you as a mother.

    PS: I like the picture you chose, I almost picked the same one, hahaha!

  2. Adele

    @neven I love how you wrote this like a story! It’s such an interesting narrative of LIFE… and so easy to relate to. Your point about elder siblings is valid. I’m the eldest of two (I have one younger brother), and when I was growing up I often argued with my parents because I thought that they held me to a much higher standard that they held my brother too. But my brother’s argument was that he got less attention than me… so I guess ‘the grass is always greener on the other side.‘ In other words, everyone always wants what the don’t have! I also think that you are very brave to talk about how your mom’s time in the hospital affected your life. It’s difficult to think about such hard times, and it’s even more difficult to think realistically about how they affected us! I’m really proud of your bravery for writing critically about such a trial.

    1. “Since we were born we started to live to our parents as our first MENTORS in life.” –> prepositions! this is a tricky one 🙂 we started to live with our parents as…

    2. “to our parents’ expectation and dreams…” –> we usually talk about ‘people’s expectations‘ as being plural (since they usually expect more than one thing from us 😉 )

    3. “…sometimes I feel pity about elder brothers/sisters…” –> another tricky prepositions… we feel pity for things, not about them

    4. “…and year after I realized why I am here…” –> the next year I realized why I was there. (you’re talking about the past, and it’s not ‘here’ anymore, but ‘there’ (we already left ‘there’)

    5. “I remember they were perfect fans to me and started to emulate them…” –> being a fan of someone is a wonderful, advanced expression. But in this case, they’re not YOUR FANS (or maybe they are also, but since you’re talking about emulating THEM, I think you mean that you are THEIR FAN). (to) be a fan of someone means to really admire someone. So you are a fan of your teachers; you admire them.

    6. “…and that has a negative impact on my grades…” –> past tense! It already happened, so you will use ‘HAD’, not ‘has’

    7. “…and my personality which becomes disillusioned about all the expectations…” –> a personality can’t really become disillusioned. ‘disillusionment’ is a FEELING, it’s something that YOU feel. So you could say that the moment affected your personality, and that YOU BECAME disillusioned about all the expectations…

    P.S. you are crazy great at using all of the expressions and idioms we have talked about in TLP. Excellent!