Goal setting can be difficult, overwhelming and stressful sometimes. People give up and surrender on their dreams when they face constant failure.  We have a vague idea of what we need, yet it seems hard to achieve. 

What do I want from my life?

 An Answer of this question will give you a deeper vision of all areas of your life. Asking question is imperative because sometimes our goals can be influenced by other achievement or success story. As a matter of fact, when people see the famous person and their luxurious lifestyle, many of them try and push themselves to have the same lifestyle.  For example, in India, many youngsters run away from home to Mumbai only to become a film star without proper research and training which leads them to frustration, anxiety or depression. It does not mean the having dream to be a Film star is wrong or impossible but prepare yourself for every possible outcomes or obstacle and take step accordingly. Proper research and study will help you to set up the right goals. 

Remember every person has a unique talent, you need to discover that passion lies inside you.  

Are you willing to pay the price to get it?

When I see any athletics or sports star, sacrifice is the first word comes to my mind.  It blows my mind how much hard work and time they have put to accomplish their goals.   

No junk food They follow a strict dietary regime no matter what.

 PV Sindhu “the first Indian woman athlete to grab an Olympic silver” said that she did not use her phone for three months before the RIO Olympics, also her coach stopped her from eating Ice cream which she like most. 

No lazy Sunday morning

Even at that tender age, she used to travel for 4 hours every day and never turn up late for practice. 

These are just a few examples of what success takes. Imagine yourself in that position and if your goal is heavier than sacrifices, go for it. If not then re-plan and carefully remap your journey.    

I have just finished reading the book ” If truth be told”  that beautiful narrates the importance of having the right purpose and preparation in life. 

“Right preparation is a key to the greatest attainments, the antidote to all fear, the seed of competence and confidence”. 

What Would My Life Look Like If I Achieved My Goals?

Fast forward your goal and visualize yourself 5 or 10 yrs ahead. How your life looks after achieving your dream. Are you feeling happy or satisfied? Sometimes people suffer more after the success of their goals. Confused? For instance, imagine you have bought your dream car and feel you are the happiest person on the earth. After some time finding car parking makes you miserable and stressful. And your happiness turn into suffering. So its an important to ask yourself  how would you feel when you achieved your goal. 

Having the clarity of your goals puts power behind it and ensures you can measure your growth and take new actions. In my profession, we use the acronym S.MA.R.T.  goal. 

S- Specific

A- Achievable


T- Time -bound or time frame


  1. Adele

    This is an intriguing blog post, @Ranjana! There are so many things to think about here. I really like your point that we should think carefully about what we want out of life. It’s so easy to be focused more on the JOURNEY, and the things that we SHOULD be doing, that we forget about what we’re actually working toward and what our goal is!

    “Sacrifice” is an incredible word to describe professional athletes… and it’s a word that probably most people wouldn’t think of! It’s so easy to just see all of the fame, money, and glory, and we don’t always acknowledge the hard work and sacrifices that those professionals have had to make in order to get where they are. It seems like you are really able to put yourselves in other people’s shoes, and you can look at life through their perspective. Not just anyone is able to do that!

    All in all, you gave us some great life advice here. I think everyone can relate to at least one of these recommendations! (make sure you check it out, ladies!!)

    Here are a few writing tips for you 🙂

    1. You use really great vocabulary and have an awesome handle on verb tenses! Most of the corrections that you could make have to do with small connecting words (prepositions, pronouns, etc.)

    – “People give up and surrender on their dreams” –> you can ‘surrender (something)’, or ‘surrender TO (something/someone)’

    – “An Answer of this question…” –> THE answer TO this question…

    – “Remember every person has a unique talent, you need to discover that passion lies inside you.” –> …you need to discover THE passion THAT lies inside OF you.

    – “…sacrifice is the first word comes to my mind.” –> sacrifice is the first word THAT comes to mind.


    2.  “that beautiful narrates the importance…” –> that beautifully narrates… (‘beautifully’ is an adverb giving more detail about the VERB. it’s not describing a NOUN, so it’s not an adjective).

    3. “How your life looks after achieving your dream.” –> How DOES your life LOOK after achieving your dream? (question form)