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Role: ESL Teacher

Applications for this position are now closed.


Would you like to join a young and dynamic startup in the English learning space where we focus on social learning rather than textbooks and exams?

Would you be excited by the possibility to work from anywhere and know you are making a positive contribution to the world through your work?

Are you available to work within the specific time frames we have nominated below?

The Ladies’ Project is an online community of incredible women from around the world, motivated to change their lives through English! We give them the skills and the confidence to step outside their comfort zone and bring English into their everyday lives; connecting them with other women to practise what they’re learning and build valuable new friendships across borders.

There are no exams and no results to achieve. Instead we strive to offer an experience; an ongoing journey of practical communication skills, personal development and greater confidence in English.

We are seeking an enthusiastic and experienced English teacher to join The Ladies’ Project and deliver our lessons via live video, offer feedback and encouragement to our members and be available at set times during the week to answer their questions.

What we’ve got to offer you

  • Part-time work (10 – 15 hrs/week initially).
  • Paid teaching and administration hours.
  • Amazing community of enthusiastic students and supportive staff.
  • The opportunity to deliver lessons to women (B1 Intermediate+) around the world, about topics that are important to them; exchange stories and personal experiences across borders.
  • Work from anywhere you like (as long as you meet our minimum internet requirements).
  • Valuable career experience teaching in an innovative space for online language learning. You’ll be part of a supportive team and have opportunities to grow.
  • Salary US$18 -$22/hour, depending on your experience and ability to get started.
  • Possibility of assisting with other projects such as course creation, lesson writing.
  • We respect your local holidays of course!

Your personality

  • You’re the consummate professional; sharp, enthusiastic and punctual.
  • You’re organised (possibly a little too organised) and known for being reliable.
  • You’re worldly; you’ve travelled, you’ve experienced other cultures.
  • You’re a great communicator; you take an interest in others, their lives, their stories.
  • You know how to focus, to say “no” to distractions and keep the promises you make.
  • You’re passionate about the power of language & cultural exchange to change lives.
  • You love helping your students build confidence and prefer to teach practical skills.
  • You’re proud of your work, check for errors and like to “do things right” the first time.
  • You’re outgoing, make friends easily and above all love using your skills to help others.

The job

This is a part-time role, based online. You will be part of a small but mighty team!
Your role is part teacher, part coach, part friend. A genuine love of grammar is essential.

Each week, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Guiding small function-based group conversations via video call with 4-6 women.
  • Participating in our community conversations, providing encouragement, support and teacher feedback on the articles and posts our students share on our website.
  • Hosting “Office Hours” as the teacher on duty; available to answer student questions about anything they’re having trouble with.
  • Welcoming new members to the community by hosting “getting to know you” video calls  and answering questions.
  • Assisting in the development of skills-based workshops which address language needs in the community.

Something you should know…

We generally receive over 100 applicants each time a position becomes available so for practical reasons, we have strict application requirements for our teachers at The Ladies’ Project. 

Our Hiring Process happens over three (3) progressive elimination stages. 1. Shortlist 2. Video Audition 3. Interview. 

Please read the Working Requirements section below .

A little more background

Our curriculum is awesome. It consists of six “themes” that address topics relevant to the everyday lives of our members such as travel, food, careers, personal development, family and relationships.

Each theme runs for eight weeks, comprised of four topics that are related to the theme and delivered on a fortnightly basis.

The lessons you’ll deliver will cover new vocabulary, grammar and practical expressions around the relevant topic.

Doing this will give your students the “tools” they need to have a meaningful conversation with each other to practise what they’ve learned, to learn more about each other and the world.

All the lesson plans and workbooks have already been created for you. You will review the lesson brief to understand the intention of the lesson. You’ll then attend a live video conference call with our students and guide them through the lesson, offering warm encouragement and support to nurture their confidence and enthusiasm for English.

After each lesson, our students are encouraged to organise one-on-one conversations with each other as well as to attend group conversations. These are the heart and soul of what we do, and where our members get the most value from our community.

Students often write about their experiences both of the topic itself, but also of their conversations. Part of your job will be to spend time engaging with their articles as well as offering helpful suggestions to improve their writing skills.

Want to meet some of our teachers? Click here to watch our teacher videos!

Essential skills

The list of essential skills is not extensive, however please note that we’re pretty serious about these minimum requirements. 
If you don’t meet the following essentials, you need not apply:
  • A native English speaker
  • TESOL qualification – CELTA or equivalent
  • Minimum of 3 years English teaching experience (full-time) including lesson planning, grammar and targeted pronunciation.
    Note: Part-time, casual or seasonal experience is not considered ‘full-time’.
  • Experience teaching or tutoring adults online.
  • Familiar with Google Drive, Google Docs, Slides and/or MS Office
  • Must understand world time zones and how they work.
*Do I have to be a Native English Speaker?

Great question!  For this particular role, yes, and there are a number of reasons.

However, you’ll be interested to know that this is not a ‘blanket’ policy. The Ladies’ Project also has positions where you do not need to be a native speaker. As we grow, we will certainly have new opportunities that come up where it is not essential. 
So.. if you are a passionate teacher and you resonate with what we’re doing here, you are most welcome to send through your details and a cover letter and we will definitely be willing to take a look and contact you when the next opportunity arises!

Working requirements

Availability – Your timezone and the time you are available to work with us is critical. Currently we are looking for people who are available to schedule their lessons within the following windows:

GMT (+0:00) 8pm – 12am*, Mon-Fri plus at least one weekend day.
GMT (+0:00) 10pm – 3am*, Mon-Fri plus at least one weekend day.

*Times are given in Greenwich Mean Time +0:00. If you don’t live in GMT (+0:00), please translate this window into your own timezone. 

Equipment – You have your own computer or laptop that is fast, reliable and virus-free. You will need to install Google Filestream, Slack and Zoom. If you intend to travel while you work, your laptop must be capable of handling the workload. You will also need a quality microphone and HD webcam that will enable clear communication during video conferencing. A phone is not acceptable.

Internet – All our lessons are conducted using HD video cameras which means you must have fast internet and plenty of data available. By ‘fast’ we mean a minimum of 20mbps. If you intend to travel while working this must remain your number one daily priority. You are responsible for ensuring you can deliver on your work commitments.

Work Space Stability – Preference will be given to applicants with a stable place of work for at least 6 months at a time so we can be sure you have the right environment for delivering professional lessons. Working from a hotel with slow internet, a bustling internet cafe or co-working space where you can’t talk at normal volume and laugh out loud is unacceptable.

If you intend to be moving around a lot in the coming months, this position is not going to suit you (or us!).

Instructions to apply

  1. Read and re-read this entire document, especially this section. This is a rewarding and highly sought after position with a three stage hiring process (Short-list -> Video Audition -> Interview)
  2. Send a copy of your resume and certifications to:
    Attn: Ms. Katherine Sylwester
    Email: katherine@theladiesproject.com

    Your application must include a cover letter that tells us:
    – Why you believe The Ladies’ Project has purpose and why you want to be involved.
    – Why your experience and skills are a good match for teaching adult women online.
    – Why we should consider you for this position; what contribution you can make to support our vision?

    Oh.. and please make mention of your favourite travel destination in the subject line of your email.

    We’re looking for someone who is detail oriented but also cares about our project and really wants to be on the team, so copy + pasted cover letters, failing to follow these instructions or show genuine interest in our cause will just be deleted.

  3. Please state specifically when you are available and willing to work in both UTC+0 timezone and your own timezone.
    Be sure to let us know your preferred working hours, but also, any extra hours you are willing to work in.

  4. Please include links to view at least three (3) examples of lesson plans that you have personally created, with a focus on practical everyday English grammar and vocabulary.

  5. Please include at least two (2) professional references that would be happy to speak with us over the phone.

Applications for this position are now closed.

Applicants who closely followed our instructions to apply will be notified within a week if their application has been shortlisted.

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