(By Odette)

Remembering my conversation of some time ago.

“This is a difficult subject, but thanks to Chiara, I feel more comfortable now. Especially since Chiara had very clear examples of mentors in her mind. Such as her elementary-school teacher, her Latin language teacher who said: “Feliciter … ter …ter” which means happiness, more happiness or try to do your best. Very inspiring to me, because reflecting on this, it shows to me a very positive life attitude and a good way of looking at life.

A good mentor’s quality is not being judgemental but trustworthy, approachable and open-minded. The last one I think is quite important as it goes hand-in-hand with judging people in case they differ from the way you think. 

We didn’t talk about what is more important: a powerful speaker or a good listener. However, we concluded that both need particular skills and aren’t easy. A speaker should have an extensive vocabulary, be a fast thinker and with an engaging personality. 

A listener, on the other hand, should actually listen and not think ahead of “what should I say to that” but wait instead and pay attention to what is being said. A listener comprehends what the other person is saying, processes it and responds accordingly.  

In Italy, tutor programs ensure that students who have left school without finishing it go back to school to learn a different skill. 

There are also ‘negative’ mentors, those that do discourage you to follow your dream and at the end of the day, you wished you hadn’t listened to them.

The lack of mentors at key moments on one’s life is paramount to further development in the life of a person.”

Concluding note: I’m so glad I conversed with Chiara. Inspiring! I also learned what mentorship means in Italy.  


  1. Chiara Delfini

    Hello, Odette, what nice post you did! Thank you for having explained so clearly our conversation. I enjoyed talk to you and I felt very comfortable with you. You are very kind and positive. Time run fast during our conversation 😉 I like you talk about tutor at school. Vocational training school are based on relationship between tutors teachers and students to fight early school leaving. I think you inspired me too. 💝

  2. Adele

    Ahhh, @odette it was so interesting to read both your point of view AND @chiara’s point of view of the same conversation! It’s really great that you both felt so comfortable during the conversation, that you both really listened to what the other had to say (so much so that you could also write about it!), and that you both took away slightly different lessons! I’m also a big fan of chiara’s latin teacher’s way of looking at life, and the lesson of being positive… and MORE positive! It’s so true that our outlook and some extra positivity can change everything!

    A few (very few… I can tell you did some really great editing and double checking) notes for you:

    1. A listener comprehends what the other person is saying, process it and respond accordingly.  –> these verbs are also third person singular! So they’re missing something…

    2. “…there are appointed tutors to guide back to school school-leavers and tutor them back to learn a different skill…” –> This idea is a little bit confusing! I get what you’re trying to say, but maybe try breaking it up and simplifying a little bit

    3. “We didn’t talk as to what is more important a powerful speaker or a good listener.” –> Slight preposition change here. And missing a little punctuation… We didn’t talk about what is more important: a powerful speaker or a good listener.

    Excellent Odette!

    1. Odette Post author

      Thank you so much, Adele. I amended the obvious mistakes and try to change the confusing ones. This is very challenging for me because I want to try writing my blogs using exactly 300 words.