Hi Ladies today I had a conversation with @Pinar, who is an amazing lady, by the way.  I would like to thank her for that moment that gave me the motivation to write this post about mentors.

Well, in my life I’ve met many mentors who have contributed to be what I am now: an accomplished and happy woman from the personal as well as the professional perspective. They have influenced me and have played a very important role in my life. They have showed empathy and have supported me when I was in bad way. They have been a good ear for me. They have understood my needs and have showed me what they thought a good way to reach my goal. Those people are the ones who are always close to me in spite of the distance. Those people are, my parents, sisters, brother, husband, friends, my PhD supervisor, some colleagues, and my children; even though they are too young. Each time I am upset my four-year-old daughter feels it. She comes close to me, looks at me in the eyes and smiles while saying “mum I love you so much”. Suddenly, all the bad feelings go away. That’s why I am saying that our children can also be mentors. My husband is also my mentor. After my second delivery, I was very stressful, tetchy, and often tired. He has encouraged me to go to the gym. He has given a hand with the home tasks and has taken care of our kids. As a result, I have free time for myself. After each workout, all the stress, the tiredness, and the negative energy vanish. So I come back to home with positive energy plus patience and much love to show to my kids and husband. By doing that, my husband has played a win-win game (a joke!). However, in this blog I want focus on other kinds of mentors. The temporary mentors in your life. The imagine that comes to my mine when I think about them is the train and the railroad switch. Our life is the train and these persons are railroad switches because they change the track of our train. The ones that you meet for very short period of time, but they change your path. I will tell you tow stories and I hope they will make my point clear. When I was sixteen-years old, my teacher of philosophy impacted me deeply and positively. He was the first person who opened my mind to think about and question the absolute truth. He was a strange and surprising person. Indeed, he didn’t hesitate to shock us by talking about “taboo” or making us doubting about our believes. I’m really grateful to him because he helped me to build my critical mind, to think by and for myself, to believe in the relative truth, and to respect the others’ believes.

After my master degree in Tunisia, I wanted to go abroad to enroll in a PhD program; even though, I hadn’t money. France was my destination because I loved this country, I wanted to experience living there, and also they had the cheapest university fees for foreign students in Europe. I worked during one year to save money for my project. I sent a lot of applications and I got accepted. I was extremely happy. The French embassy rejected my visa demand without any convincing reason, though. I was deeply sad and I lost hope. After few days, I met a friend and she asked me about my project. So I told her all the story. She said: “Why don’t you send an Email to the consul where you explain your motivation and ask for the reasons of their rejection”. It was a such great idea. Right away, I wrote an Email with a lot of sincerity and hope. Guess what! The consul replied to my Email and asked me to try again. It worked, can you believe it! My life changed thanks to the suggestion of that friend that I’ve lost along the way. I haven’t seen her since that time, indeed. Now I have a Ph.D and I’m an associate professor thanks to an Email! To wrap up, I think that every person that we meet, positively or negatively, directly or indirectly influences us. Every encounter is important, so we need to be sincere because we are all mentors of someone at sometime. Even simple things can change lives!


  1. Pınar

    What an amazing blog post! And a completely new and innovative point of view in my opinion. That’s really awesome! I’m so happy to have spoken with you and looking forward to meeting you again Rym. 🤗💕 And thank you so much! You’re an amazing lady too!

    1. Rym Post author

      Thank you very much @Pinar! I wrote this post in a heartfelt way. So I left behind the grammar rules. I hope that our lovely coaches won’t get a headache while reading my post :p


  2. Erika

    What a lovely story, @Rym! And I agree with your idea of temporary “passenger” mentors. If we keep our senses and mind open, we can learn from a lot of different experiences and people.

    Please see some feedback on your writing:

    *passenger: someone who is travelling in a vehicleplaneboat etc, but is not driving it or working on it. I think you mean the people that are temporarily in our lives, so I’d probably say something like ‘temporary mentors’. Also, there are several synonyms for ‘temporary’ to play with.

    *Hi Ladies today I had a conversation with @Pinar, which is an amazing lady, by the way. >> Relative pronouns: which one do we use for people (Pinar, in this case)?

    *Well, in my life I’ve met many mentors who had contributed to be what I am now. >> Verb tense. Had contributed > Past Perfect which is used for 2 actions in the past, and one happened before the other. Present Perfect > action that started in the past but still has an effect on the present. // to contribute to + noun/noun phrase.

    *…an accomplished and happy women >> women: plural; woman: singular. You are talking about yourself.

    *They had been a good ear for me. >> Remember that Past Perfect is only used when you have 2 actions in the past and you want to show a sequence in reference to them so, are they still good to you? (then, Present Perfect) or were they good to you in the past but they are no longer in your life or no longer have that effect in you? (then, Simple Past).

    *four-years-old daughter >> four-year-old (compound adjective: the noun goes in singular).

    *As result, I have free time for myself. >> As a result // “I have free time for myself.” > is it now or in the past?

    *in this blog I want focus on >> want + to. E.g.: I want to focus on; She wants to eat cake.

    *…When I was sixty-years old… >> I have the feeling that you meant sixteen (16). Am I right?

    * I worked during one year to save money for my project. I sent a lot of applications and I get accepted.>> Verb tense. You are speaking in past so ‘get’ should be in past, too, since this has already happened. What is the past of ‘get’?

    Congratulations, Rym! You’ve done an amazing job!! Keep up the great work!

    1. Rym Post author

      Hi @Erika,

      Thank you so much for your feedback! Actually, I’m disappointed with myself because I could have avoided some of these mistakes if I had taken the time to read my post before publishing it. I was so excited to share the post; therefore I rushed. Next time, I will be careful about that. I updated my post and I changed the title. My idea wasn’t clear and you are right “passengers” is not the right word to describe the imagine that I have in my mind. I hope that now the imagine is clearer.

      1. Erika

        Lovely @Rym! no need to feel disappointed or bad about your work! It is such a great blog and your ideas are good and easy to understand. My feedback is only to help you make better choices and progress with your English. The fact that you are using metaphors and playing with the language is an awesome thing already!


  3. Adele

    Rym I absolutely loved reading this blog post! I can tell that you put so much time and heart behind your words, and I really feel like I got to know you a little bit better from your writing as well. I LOVE the metaphor that you came up with of a temporary mentor in our lives helping us to change from one train track to the other. It’s so true that a person who passes through our lives so fleetingly can change our path in a big way… and sometimes they don’t even know the effect that they have had on us! And your story about how you fought for your PhD in France is very inspiring. And look at you now!

    1. Rym Post author

      Oh dear Adele, I’m very very happy to hear that you loved my metaphor. It took me some time to find the vocabulary about the railway and the switch. I had the metaphor but not the vocabulary :p.

      I Thank all the coaches in TLP for having given me this opportunity to expression myself and to have these constructive and encouraging feedbacks.

  4. Anastasiya

    @rym I had goosebumps when I was reading your post, Rym. I am very impressed by your stories and I totally agree with you that “… even simple things can change lives!” I adore a saying (if litterally in Russian): “Not everyone is our friend. Not everyone is our enemy. But everyone we meet is our Teacher”. We all communicate with each other for some Reason))… and this is simply great to realize!! Thank you very much for your amazing post, Rym!! And I am happy from all my heart you are surrounded by such wonderful Mentors in your life!